About Us

At Body Dynamics Health, Cheltenham, we aim to deliver the best osteopathic treatment, sports injury therapy and rehabilitation services in the South West Region.  

We offer all our patients honest, ethical, compassionate, personalised care and won’t waste your time with numerous and unnecessary appointments.  

We provide expert diagnosis and treatment of pain for all lifestyles and activity levels, from desk-based workers to professional athletes, specialising in musculoskeletal and sports injuries.   

In order to achieve lasting results, our team aim to target the cause of your pain – not just the symptoms.   

Once an issue has been diagnosed, we treat our patients with a combination of expert manual therapy, rehabilitation advice, yoga, and sports massage, combined with the latest technological advances, to deliver the highest standards of care.   

Common Injuries / Conditions

Back Pain 

Neck Pain

Hip Pain

Shoulder Pain 

Knee Pain

Ankle/Foot Pain

Sports Injuries

Body Dynamics Health Back Pain

Osteopathic Treatment

• Full Body Assessment 

Osteopathic Manipulation 

Shockwave Therapy and Theraguns

• Exercise and Rehabilitation 

Kinesio Taping (KT) and Rock Taping 

Sports Massage